Go Brine About It!

It should be illegal to roast chicken without brining it first.  Brining is basically soaking chicken (turkey and pork work well, too!) in a water and salt solution.  Through the magic of osmosis, the chicken gets saturated with the water and any seasonings that are added to the brine, resulting in a juicy, delicious chicken dinner.  Say goodbye to the dry, boneless, skinless chicken breasts you made on the George Foreman grill in college and hello to an easy-breezy meal perfect for any dinner party, pot luck, or Project Runway-watching soiree.

I made Melissa Joulwan’s “Best Chicken You Will Ever Eat” and she was not lying!  This chicken is the s%^&!  I don’t even like a few of the spices (curry powder, cumin) she suggests for her spice rub, but I included them because, frankly, I was intrigued by the combination.  I’m glad I trusted Melissa’s recipe.  It was amazing and leftovers were just as tasty.  Since I don’t have a backyard or a garage or a grill for Chicago winter grilling like my Dad used to do, I grilled the chicken breasts in my cast iron grill pan and then finished cooking them in the oven.  I used the Moroccan Dipping Sauce as a dressing for the chicken and a raw kale salad.  Yum!

Make this chicken today!  Do not pass GO!  


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